Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hearty Farewell to Brothers of Third Year Philosophy

                We live in the world of flux; this flux is inevitable for every being in this world. It is by undergoing the change one attains authenticity in one’s being. Well indeed, the Third Year Philosophy brothers after having been formed to face the multi-faceted world with confidence and trust in the Lord were given hearty farewell. Under the guidance of General Prefect Bro. Subhash David Maghade, the Farewell programme was held on 24th evening. The event was memorable and a long cherished one as it comprised of dance drama, dance and farewell song. The entertainment program, which was a treat to the eyes, was staged by the First Year and Second Year Philosophy brothers on this occasion to honor them. In fact, a beautiful message was conveyed to them through the dance drama.

                 Fr. Praveen D’Souza, O.P the Dean of Philosophy Department shared his experiences by highlighting their unique potentialities. He wished them by saying ‘Do well in your ministry wherever you are placed or whatever ministry you hold.’ He also wished them all the best and good luck for the forthcoming University Examinations.

                 Indeed, it was the day of both joy and sorrow for the Carolian family. The joy was because of their successful stay and completion of Philosophical studies; but the sorrow was their absence in the family which would be soon felt in the community. However, Bro. John Peter of the Third Year Philosophy on behalf of the class expressed gratitude and thankfulness towards the community for the love and concern which they have experienced during their stay in St. Charles Seminary.

Third Year Philosophy with Fr. Biju Sebastian,O.P.

Fr.Praveen's Farewell message to Brothers